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Links Below for Team registration ($1,295/6GG) 

Max 28 teams

Registration and Deposit is required by 2/10/24 to confirm acceptance. After 2/12/24 we will fill spots from waiting list. 

Full payment by 5/1/24 - there will be a team gate fee TBD

Registered & Paid Deposit (Confirmed "IN")

Carolina Elite - Gulick (14u)

Va Unity - Vaughn - 18u

Ohio Stingrays '08 (16u)

Lady Dukes Swope (18u)

Carolina Elite - 2010 (14u)

Tidewater Drillers (18u)

Bandits - Patton 16u

Impact Gold 08 - 16u

Fuquay Phenoms - 18u

Carolina Cobras - Brawley (18u)

Carolina Cobras - Morton

Carolina Flames - Batten 18u

Virginia OC Elite 16U - Fincham

5 Star - Lucky (14u)

Carolina Elite - Child (16u)

Williamsburg Starz - Fishburn (16u)

Team NC Lilley/Smith (16u)

Dynamic Elite (14U)

Team Va Mizuno - Lovell/Harrington (18U)

Carolina Elite - Helms (16/18)

Carolina Elite SC Tompkins/Duzan - 16u

Carolina Elite - Weddington (16u)

Hanover Hornets - Wells 16/18

Orion Hunter Elite 0 18u Kaz

Carolina Elite Deaton 16u

Knockouts - Martinez (18u)

Victory Fastpitch 14u

Carolina Elite SC - Pate (14u)

WL - DN Register Online / No Deposit

Mojo - Watkins (16u)

Carolina Cyclones - 16u

NTR - Carlysle - 16u



AS of 1/25/24 - please email Dave Maddaluna to get on the waiting list - DO NOT REGISTER if you are not already on the Interested List  above - teams have to 2/10 to register / pay deposit!


Must be registered and pay $200 deposit to be considered for the 28 team field! No Exceptions. DUE DATE FOR REGISTRATION IS 2/10/24 - email to Dave/Tim does not reserve spot!


Refund Policy

Refund Policy - 


If fully rained out, can apply full amount to 2025 event, or full refund less $100 to cover admin and other unrecoverable costs (insurance, Burlington and USA Staff , equipment) ($1,195 back). 

1 game played - $800 back

2 games played - $500 back

3+ games - no refund


If you have paid for the showcase  and drop out after 6/15, there will be no refunds, you can apply it to 2025 event. 

The $200 deposit in non-refundable if you reserved a spot and drop out after 2/1/24